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"My holistic nutritional counselling with Sarah couldn't have come at a more perfect time. I had been symptomatic for a number of months and this was then exacerbated by hyperemesis gravidarum in my first 4 months of pregnancy. Sarah's approach was truly holistic and before we'd even worked through my questionnaire she had given me some really helpful suggestions for lessening my HG symptoms. She spent a lot of time with me and I always felt that she was truly with me and focused on my individual problem.


I really liked the thoroughness of my individualised report and the clarity that it offered around bodily systems, dietary and supplement recommendations. I also really appreciated that Sarah had put time into finding individualised recipes and websites for my particular problem and I loved that she also offered lifestyle and psycho-spiritual recommendations. Sarah has also been a great ongoing source of support and encouragement since our initial consultations and my gut and mental health genuinely feel so much better since I took on many of her recommendations.


I honestly can't recommend her enough".


-Samantha Leggett, Oxford, England

"Having Sarah see me in my home brought me to a whole new level of engagement with my health; there was nothing to hide. But, because she approached my challenges with care and great knowledge I also did not feel judged for my poor habits. That made it much easier to change them."

Renee Martyna, Canada

Sarah Clark is a passionate advocate for sustaining health through our diets… her knowledge is limitless; her interest in her subject is captivating; and her desire to help is ever present. 


I was very fortunate to be able to work with Sarah recently when I approached her for help with a sluggish metabolism and energy levels.  Very quickly after asking me a set of specific questions and looking through some of my test results, she ascertained my profile with confidence and was able to make very relevant suggestions immediately, all of which have been easy to incorporate into my lifestyle. 


I love that Sarah doesn’t try to change me in anyway, rather, being a great listener, she is able to offer subtle ways for me to incorporate new eating habits that don’t feel so life changing or therefore, overwhelming.  Her tailored report was well laid out, informative and easy to follow – great for me because I am inundated with information on a daily basis!


Working with Sarah has been great… she brings a light and easy quality to the normally heavy and dense subject of dietary health, while simultaneously being a bona fide expert in her field.  I feel I am in the hands of someone who deeply cares and knows her stuff. 


And oh yes… I feel great too… even the smallest of Sarah’s suggested changes have made all the difference to my energy levels.  I can’t thank her enough!


Emily Madghachian


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