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Pediatric Nutrition

Have you ever witnessed a young child refuse a lollipop? I have! It begins with instilling early healthy eating habits and creating a love of nutrient dense, whole foods. While well meaning relatives may give your little one a slice of cake or bowl of ice cream for her 1st birthday, these dietary missteps begin to negatively shape a child’s palate and begin the unraveling of her very impressionable digestive system. 


I made some of these early feeding mistakes with my eldest daughter. I didn’t know any better. But with patience and determination, by the age of 4 she was happily eating a generous slice of wild salmon, with some broccoli, avocado and wild rice on a regular basis. Success! But it took time. 


It’s so much easier to begin from day one when little ones just love taking food off of a spoon, or relish in feeding themselves by hand. I began my training in nutrition when my youngest was still a baby. She could smell homemade liver pate on my breath from across the room and would toddle over for her share! She loves dark antioxidant and mineral rich chocolate, but refuses birthday party lollies and scrapes the icing off of cakes. 


My approach with children is to replace nutrient deficient foods with nutrient dense alternatives. For example, a toddler who loves to chomp on biscuits or rice cakes may happily change to carrot, or cucumber sticks, especially if the former are no longer available. There’s an adjustment period while moving young children off of processed foods, but the short-term pain is well worth the long-term gain. 

Children are so impressionable with their actions, mannerisms and speech.  We are constantly told that our children are ‘sponges’. These little sponges deserve the best start in life. Serving them wholesome, balanced plates of real food - from the start - makes a huge impression on their digestive tract and sets healthy eating habits for life. 


When a baby's little palate moves from breast milk to solid foods, imitating the natural healthful properties of her mother’s milk with foods low in sugar, high in water content and high in monounsaturated and saturated fats with some protein offers her little body easily digested, nutrient dense nourishment. 


I would love to meet you and your children to help address any dietary concerns, sleep or behavioral patterns that may be food related. I also support childhood illnesses and allergies with dietary and supplement protocols.

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