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About the Practitioner

Meet Sarah Clark, Holistic Nutritionist

Sarah Clark is registered in Canada as a Holistic Nutritionist accredited by the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition.


With a focus on digestive health, intestinal function, hormone balancing, and pediatric nutrition, Sarah supports clients with a wide range of diets through whole foods, nutritional supplements, and lifestyle changes.

Sarah holds an undergraduate degree in Cultural Anthropology from the University of Victoria. From this field of study, Sarah incorporates ancestral and environmental factors into her nutritional protocols. 

Sarah was born and raised in Vancouver, BC Canada. At the age of 26, she moved to Hong Kong, with her then boyfriend, now husband, where they resided for 11 years and had 2 children. Prior to returning home to Whistler, BC in 2019, Sarah and her family lived in Ubud, Bali for three years where they still maintain a home.  


In her early thirties, Sarah began to notice her immune system malfunctioning. Frustrated with frequent gastro bugs, colds and flus, she turned to nutritionists and functional medicine practitioners to test for food intolerances, intestinal permeability and dysbiosis.


After a year and half of clean eating by removing food additives, processed foods, and refined sugars and grains, Sarah had a clean bill of health and was greatly inspired to support a clientele of her own to overcome their own underlying causes of health deterioration.


Sarah prefers to see clients face-to-face, especially for their initial consult and she conducts Skype/on-line consults for overseas clients. Please see services for more details on consultations and to enquire about pricing. 

Holistic Nutrition by Sarah Clark

“I encourage clients to actively participate in the restoration of their health.”  

-Sarah Clark

My Philosophy

My Philosophy


“I do not believe in dieting or restricting calories.

I assist clients in focusing on whole foods to promote long-term, healthy eating habits.” 

Rather than practicing from behind a desk, I conduct in-home consultations to discuss clients' most cherished possession, their health. There’s no need to sit in a medial clinic surrounded by ill patients to ‘wait your turn’. Instead, I will come to you, allowing you full disclosure in the total comfort and privacy of your own home. We will discuss your main health concerns, your medical and mental health history. I will consider all knowledge gathered from you and present a recommended set of dietary changes, nutritional supplements, and lifestyle suggestions to target your greatest health complaints and improve the function of your mind, body and spirit. 


Should you welcome my guidance, I will happily take a look through your fridge and cupboards, and offer alternative, healthier options to some of your existing food choices.


Depending on your location, we can also arrange a consult in which we visit a local supermarket or farmer’s market together to stock your fridge and shelves with healthy, whole foods that support your individual dietary needs.


Using a holistic approach to nutrition, I place no bias on any one single diet. I support Paleo / Ancestral diets, Macrobiotic, Lacto-Ovo Vegetarians, Pescatarians and Vegans, to name a few!  And while my experience with clients and with my own family has given me insight into tried and tested eating and lifestyle habits for babies, children, adults and geriatrics, I always support my clients' own individual nutritional needs.


I also incorporate plant-based nutritional supplements, when needed and encourage healthy psycho-spiritual and lifestyle changes. Optimal health requires mind, body and spirit be simultaneously nurtured.

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