Hormone Balancing

A calorie is not just a calorie, it’s about the micronutrients in each calorie and how our bodies utilize and metabolize each of them. A whole coconut including its rich flesh and sweet juice is metabolised and utilised in a completely different way than a glass of fructose rich apple juice. Which do you think has the greater chance of adding to your waistband? 


Do you eat a relatively healthy diet, exercise 3 times per week, eat less than many of your friends and relatives, but you’re still over-weight? While there are genetic predispositions to obesity, to a large extend, hormones are also at play.


Most of my clients with hormone imbalances are unaware that this is the root cause of their main complaints of fatigue, irritability and weight gain.


A large percentage of the time, clients with unwanted weight around the middle suffer from hormone imbalances and bogged down or sluggish livers.


And, while I am not an advocate of ‘dieting’ or going on a ‘diet’ per se, I am adamant about eating habits that support gut health, liver health and hormone balance…once these are cleaned up, you’ll notice the weight naturally begins to drop off.  


I’m not saying you’ll be offered a modeling contract after seeing me, but your body will be healthier. Lose that excess weight and you’ll be further down the spectrum of inflammatory markers placing you in a lower risk category for future disease.

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