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Do you suffer from food allergies? Seasonal allergies? Sinus infections, Candida or thrush? Do you get colds and flush more often than in the past? 


With 80% of our immune cells residing in our gut, the health and balance of our intestinal flora is imperative to the optimal function of our immune system. Prior to putting my clients on a protocol that restores gut / intestinal function, I always explain that a strong and efficient digestive system leads to a well functioning intestinal system. It’s always wise to approach gut issues by first attending to the upper digestive tract to ensure the stomach, pancreas, liver and gallbladder are functioning optimally.


Our Microbiome


Science tells us that we humans are made up of cooperatives of trillions of bacteria cells. These bacterial colonies or communities are known collectively as our ‘microbiome’. When our microbiome is in balance, we experience optimal health. However, when we are not living in harmony with our environment and exposed to herbicides and pesticides, and allow antibiotics, round up and other toxins into our food supply, waterways, and into the air we breath, our intestinal microbiota, or intestinal flora, can alter themselves and create disharmony throughout our body. We may experience skin rashes or hair loss, mood swings or depression, or frequent infections and illnesses. When we live in symbiotic harmony with our environment, reaping the benefits of clean, fresh, seasonal produce and animal migrations, our ‘microbiomes’ flourish.

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